Glory House Ministries is a global ministry dedicated to the winning of souls to Christ and supporting the spiritual formation of Christians seeking to know and experience God more fully. GHM was founded in 2008, with its main reason for existence being to serve our community and make a difference in people’s lives. In addition our goals consist of reaching out, teaching and mobilizing people for the Glory of God. This ministry is created to challenge and build men and women, youth and children, mentor students, group leaders, and concerned Christians. Our activities also include organising and providing religious instructions, and performing missionary work. Glory House Ministry sees the future generations as a primary concern for all; hence we are prepared to support the extended family of Christ not only in our community but also in our world.


The ministry believes totally that the Bible is God’s word and constitutes our guides and is sufficient for our faith and practice.


Our mission is for everyone in the world to know Jesus Christ, because in him we see what God is like. In Christ we find not only grace, peace, joy but the will of God for the world. God in Christ has called us not to be in isolation but to be involved in an amazing relationship with people in different situations in all parts of the world. We are established with total dedication to evangelization.


Our vision is to advance spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ, and to strategically focus evangelistic outreach for spiritual awakening in Canadian Communities and our world.