We are a people from all nations gathered to worship God in truth and in spirit

A Place of Prayers, Evangelism, Breakthroughs, and Thanksgiving

Welcome to Glory House Ministries

This is a place of prayers, evangelism, breakthroughs, and thanksgiving. In this ministry, members are involved in an amazing relationship with dedicated people that radiates the love of God. It is a place of faith in God, where you can nurture your spirit and be part of a dedicated team that is spiritually-minded. Please feel free to join us at one of our worship services to experience breakthroughs, love, peace and fellowship that can only be found in the presence of God and fellowship of other believers. Glory House Ministries teaches on the word of God that empowers you to claim the promises and benefits for your life now and in the future. You will be allowed to serve with all your God-given talents for the furtherance of the work of God that will result in revival, salvation of souls, and see our city transformed.

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